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Clubs run from 3:30 to 4:15pm - apart from Multi Sport which finishes at 5pm. Children should be collected promptly from reception. There are no clubs held the first and last weeks of each term.

Some clubs require payment to join, whilst others are held free of charge.

In all cases, unless specified otherwise, club positions are assigned randomly after collection of applications – not on a first come first served basis. Pupils who are not assigned a position will be placed on a waiting list and contacted should an available position arise. Once offered a position in a club, please ensure that your child attends every week, unless they are absent from school or bring a note to explain their reason not being present. Children who regularly miss club sessions will have their place offered to another child who is able to attend every week.

Please make it clearly known to the member of staff who is running the club if your child no longer wishes to attend in order to allow other children an opportunity to join in their place. It would be appreciated if children make every attempt to continue attending a club once they have joined, unless there is a valid reason for leaving.

Please see below for this Term's club dates:


MONDAY-               EAST KENT FOOTBALL CLUB - All Years 

                                    (See separate letter - this is a chargeable club)

                                    NETBALL CLUB        Miss Byrne          YR5 & YR6


TUESDAY -             YOGA CLUB        Ms. Lewis              All Years 

                                   (See separate letter - this is a chargeable club)

                                   MULTI SPORTS CLUB    Mr Smit       All Years

                                   (See separate letter - this is a chargeable club)


WEDNESDAY -    GARDENING CLUB - (Invitation Only)    

                                  DEBATING CLUB - Mr Dyson   All Years

                                  MULTI SPORTS CLUB - Mr Smit  All Years 

                                  (see separate letter - this is a chargeable club)


THURSDAY -        ART HISTORY CLUB - Miss Dutton YR5 & YR6 









Our Values

At Sandwich Junior School, the pupils and staff uphold our Core Values, which are at the centre of our school ethos and all that we do. They were first established by the pupils of our school, who chose specific animals that they felt represented the values and attitudes they should show every day, at school and at home:

The Wolf

Working together as a Wolf Pack, we are a community. Helping peers in difficult times, and celebrating our successes.

The Salmon

We always try our best – showing resilience, we never give up. We are always striving to reach the top and take risks with learning, as that is when we make our biggest leaps forward.

The Eagle

Aiming high to achieve the best we can be, and soaring high to reach our potential.

The Dolphin

When children enjoy their learning, they will achieve more.