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At Sandwich Junior School, we pride ourselves on the quality of our deep and rich mathematics curriculum, which has been structured in order to achieve a smooth progression from year group to year group. Pupils at our school love challenging themselves with their mathematics learning and our impressive results reflect the high expectations that all teachers uphold.

At first, I wasn’t keen on Maths, but now I have grown to love it!

I feel more confident about maths and especially using decimals.



Mission Statement 

mathematics mission statement and end points maths.pdf


Curriculum Map

Throughout every year group, pupils begin by embedding concepts related to Place Value, before consolidating calculation methods and then building progressively throughout further knowledge and skills relating to number, measurement, geometry and statistics.

mathematics curriculum map.pdf

 I enjoyed being outside and being able to run around and find answers to the questions!

Calculation Policies

For an understanding of the layout and methods used across all four operations which are used in our school, please consult our Calculation Policies:

Addition and Subtraction

addition and subtraction calculation policy.pdf

 Multiplication and Division

multiplication and division calculation policy.pdf


fractions calculation policy.pdf

Written Arithmetic Papers

Our strategy to consolidate calculation methods is to present children with a Written Arithmetic Paper on a weekly basis. This allows children to practise their methods on a regular basis, whilst enabling teachers to identify misconceptions and address them promptly and efficiently.

Here is an example:

written arithmetic test year 6.pdf

Problem Solving

Children at SJS love to get stuck into a problem solving task, such as a logic puzzle or finding all possibilities in a real life scenario. These tasks help to develop their reasoning skills, whilst subliminally helping children to make links and connections in their mathematical thinking. We find that pupils thrive in finding innovative ways of presenting their findings and verbalising their methods and their theories.

‘It was fun because we got to decipher codes and use lots of our problem solving skills.’

Times Tables

 Maths Week has made me more excited about learning my times tables!

At Sandwich Junior School, we understand that times tables are the foundation for all aspects of mathematics and are vital in order to achieve progression in mathematical ability, therefore learning tables – as well as continuing to make regular use of them - is a high priority within all year groups. We love to practise times tables in a variety of fun and engaging ways, including chants, songs, games and online platforms. This includes the Times Tables Rockstars website, for which all pupils are provided with an account, enabling them to practise at home – preferably 5 – 10 minutes daily – as well as in designated sessions within school. Please login here:

The National Curriculum advises that all pupils should leave Key Stage 1 with a confident recall of their 2x, 5x and 10x tables and their related division facts. Building upon this foundation, we strive to give our children regular opportunities to practise and enjoy their times tables, with the addition of the 3x, 4x and 8x tables in Year 3 as a minimum. By the end of Year 4, pupils are expected to have an ability to recall all times tables, up to 12x12, along with their division facts, in order to be well prepared for the Government’s Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check.


Another wonderful website that Sandwich Junior School encourage children to use at home and in the classroom is Numbots. This operates with the same account details as Times Tables Rockstars, however, Numbots hones the children’s number bonds skills, which is another ability that is paramount to their success in mathematics.

Resources and Manipulatives

Our teaching of mathematics involves the progression from concrete, to pictorial before reaching the abstract form that we use in written calculations. Many children are visual and kinaesthetic leaners, therefore we employ the use of a range of manipulatives to aid with bringing mathematics to life for children and assist with making links between the concrete and the abstract. Class teachers regularly make use of number tracks, number rods, bead strings, clock faces, Numicon and fraction tiles, amongst much more, to build a strong foundation in mathematical understanding for our learners.

Our Values

At Sandwich Junior School, the pupils and staff uphold our Core Values, which are at the centre of our school ethos and all that we do. They were first established by the pupils of our school, who chose specific animals that they felt represented the values and attitudes they should show every day, at school and at home:

The Wolf

Working together as a Wolf Pack, we are a community. Helping peers in difficult times, and celebrating our successes.

The Salmon

We always try our best – showing resilience, we never give up. We are always striving to reach the top and take risks with learning, as that is when we make our biggest leaps forward.

The Eagle

Aiming high to achieve the best we can be, and soaring high to reach our potential.

The Dolphin

When children enjoy their learning, they will achieve more.